So you're graduating from UT Dallas?

Here's your guide on some of the best locations for capturing your graduation portraits on the UT Dallas Campus. From being at UTD for my undergraduate experience, I found some hidden gems that make great for your graduation senior photos.

Location: The University of Texas at Dallas | Richardson, Texas

A little bit about me... I was the Mascot (Temoc) for 4 years, Student Director of Esports, and even a Cheerleader! UTD was where I found my passion for photography, and the campus was my playground for capturing some of my earliest portraits.

The Plinth & Trellis Plaza

The first location where we start our grad photoshoots is at The Plinth (also known as the Trellis Plaza). This features the iconic circular fountain in the center of campus (that mists randomly throughout the hour).

The Reflection Pools

I'm sure if you've ever visited the UTD Campus, you've for sure seen the famous reflection pools. Built 2016 for a campus reconstruction campaign to make UTD more prettier, these pools are great for your portraits.

The "UTD" Building Sign

One thing about the UTD Campus is that there are not many signs that actually say U-T-D. One of my favorite spots that's typically overlooked is the giant green UTD sign on the Arts & Technology Building. Perfect for adding that slight UTD spirit in the background of your photos.

The Magnolia Trees & Garden

If you didn't take a photo with the magnolia trees at UTD, did you really even go to UTD? With over 130+ magnolia trees near the reflection pools, this gives off Harry Potter vibes and is perfect for capturing vibrant photos.

The T.I. Plaza

The T.I. (Texas Instruments) Plaza is a hidden gem at UTD. While it's not a huge fountain, it features some unique greenery for you to take full-body portraits on the ramp next to the Founders Building.

The "Love Jack" Art Piece

What was originally located near the Arts & Technology Building, the Love Jack art piece was moved near The Plinth back in 2020 - making a great addition to your graduation portraits shot-list.

The Chess Plaza

UTD is known for three things: Temoc, Esports, and Chess. The Chess Plaza is located at the Reflection Pools and makes for a great floor pattern when taking full-body graduation portraits (and a safe space to throw your graduation cap in the air).

UTD Round-About

The very front of the UTD Campus features a giant green circular hill and a roundabout for the main road. Climb this, and the portraits from this view are just so surreal. You can see the reflection pools in the background!

The Visitor Center Building

Did you know that our Visitor Center Building's circular-shaped entrance has a giant fan for making the outdoor sitting area cooler? Now you do. This makes for an iconic UTD background for your portraits.

The LGBTQIA+ Community Mural

Student Affairs absolutely slayed when they created this mural back in 2022 featuring the LGBTQIA+ Progressive Flag. This makes for a great background for your photos, while also representing what UTD strives for.


The rather scary original mascot costume is located in the Visitor Center Building; you might as well snap a quick photo here to capture the beloved Temoc. (Fun fact: I wore that old mascot costume once for a prank video with the university, and it was surely SOMETHING)

The Famous Red/Orange Stairs

Located at the UTD Callier Center, these red/orange stairs make for a great background for our school colors. If you're willing to make the walk, it's going to definitely scream "UTD" for your graduation portraits.

The ATEC/ATB Stairs

When you had your incoming freshman orientation, you probably passed by the iconic sitting-stairs in the Arts & Technology Building. The mix of wood and concrete makes for a great scenery for your portraits.

The UTD Monogram

Located inside the Alumni Building (DGAC), is the university's first-ever wall art of the new UTD Monogram (fancy word for logo). This is the only one really at UTD, so great for capturing some indoor pictures.

The Gazebo

I graduated college and still had to google how to spell "Gazebo". Anyways, this is a SUPER hidden gem at UTD and is located South of the Alumni Building!

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