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Graduation photo taken at UNT campus showcasing the beauty of the campus

Grad Portraits

Commence the celebration

of your remarkable achievement by immortalizing it with the

perfect photograph,

encapsulating the essence of

your graduation milestone.

Professional headshot taken by eric aaberg perfect for resumes


Showcase your professional look with a new professional headshot. Packages offered for both individuals and teams.

Romantic Engagement photo taken at sunset


Capture your engagement and elopement with timeless portraits to cherish this special moment.

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Beautiful wedding showing bride and groom kissing with a bouquet


Relive the beauty of those

cherished memories that

define the beginning of your

lifelong journey together.

Loving family welcomes newborn in a maternity photo taken by eric aaberg


Treasure the memories of those initial days, where every experience

laid the foundation

for nurturing, growth, and forging an unbreakable bond

with your precious child.

Newborn ultrasound photo placed in a memorable location to celebrate the new family member


Embrace the joy

and significance encapsulated

in those early encounters,

creating lasting memories

that will become

cherished milestones

in your family's journey.

Through the Lens: Preserving Life's Defining Moments in Photography

In the tapestry of our lives, certain moments stand out as pivotal, marking the beginning of new chapters and the culmination of hard-earned achievements. These key moments, infused with emotion and significance, deserve to be immortalized through the lens of a skilled photographer. From the joyous celebration of weddings to the proud milestones of graduations, these life-changing events become timeless treasures when expertly captured.

One such pivotal moment is the celebration of love in a wedding. A skilled photographer can weave the narrative of the day, freezing the laughter, tears, and shared promises in breathtaking frames that will be cherished for generations. Graduations, too, represent a significant turning point, symbolizing years of hard work and dedication. A photographer's lens can capture the pride, relief, and joy on the faces of graduates, creating visual narratives that vividly depict the journey from student to accomplished scholar.

As we navigate the various seasons of life, from the tender moments of welcoming a new family member to the triumphant accomplishments of personal milestones, having a photographer on hand becomes essential. Their ability to encapsulate the essence of these key moments ensures that the memories remain vivid and everlasting. So, whether it's the first steps into motherhood, the joy of a newborn's arrival, or the triumph of achieving a long-awaited goal, consider enlisting the expertise of a photographer to transform these key life moments into timeless works of art.

Award-Winning Dallas Photographer

Eric Aaberg is an award-winning Dallas Photographer. Worked previously with brands such as the Dallas Cowboys, Complexity, Optic Gaming, and more, Eric Aaberg takes special pride in delivering professional photography for individuals, couples, families, brands, executives, and teams.

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